Cold Laser Therapy

No Pain | No Downtime | No Side-effects

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as cold laser therapy, uses specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue to help accelerate
the healing process. This technology can be used to reduce pain, swelling, and increase functionality & recovery. 

Our Erchonia® lasers use low-level light in the visible spectrum to stimulate natural healing through light therapy. These lasers have incredible versatility, treating a wide range of conditions. In addition, it is an excellent tool for overall health and well-being due to the lasers' stimulation of the mitochondria.

Reduces Pain

The stimulation from the laser light into the mitochondria increases your ATP production. ATP is the primary energy source for a majority of cellular functions. The ATP activates cell recovery enzymes, reduces inflammation & restores normal cell function.

Reduces Inflammation

The stimulation of the mitochondria also releases NO (Nitric oxide), a potent vasodilator that increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and enhances the transport of oxygen and immune cells throughout the tissue.

GVL Laser

The GVL was shown to be the
most effective wavelength
combination for increasing
the range of motion and
decreasing pain in a single
session through clinical
testing; This is the first and
only green FDA cleared
green/violet laser for use in
pain relief.

Low-level laser light is absorbed
through your skin and into your
mitochondria (the powerhouse of your
cell); The stimulation from the laser
light into the mitochondria increases
your ATP production. ATP is the primary
energy source for a majority of cellular
functions. The ATP activates cell
recovery enzymes, reduces
inflammation & restores normal cell


Cold Laser Therapy is an excellent treatment that is often utilized to treat a wide array of conditions and pain. This therapy allows the body to naturally heal itself by utilizing a combination of electric stimulation and cold laser technology. This low level laser therapy consists of a light-emitting device that can be utilized on many different parts of the body.

In addition to simple back and neck pain, cold laser therapy has been utilized for a number of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and sprains. The number of conditions that have been notably increased in the usage of this therapy include carpal tunnel syndrome, wound management, shoulder and neck injuries, muscle and joint pain, as well as a long list of others.

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